Wild winter in the southern Cairngorms

18 January 2017 | 0 comments

Freezing, icy, snowy wilderness. A 5 day walk from bothy to bothy with Ali. Here’s a wee picture diary – colours change from warm heather hues to icy white as the week progresses.  If you’re looking for an inspiring wilderness journey, summer or winter, nothing technical  (depending on the weather) it’s really worth a look. Glen Clova is a delightful tucked away spot as a base.

I’ve put a screenshot of a map of our route at the end with some stats.

Then off to our first bothy, with spectacular descent to Loch Muick and Glas allt Shiel.

The ranger visits to give us warning of the storm coming in. We stick (mainly) to our lower, safe route, but still with some excitement walking up to see Lochnagar.

Day 3, on to Braemar, restocking food and hot shower.

A short day walking on the first leg of our return journey, up to Callater stables. Stunning Loch, snowdrifts, digging our way into the Bothy.

Final day, the snowiest yet, walking over Jocks Road (not a road at all – a fantastic path winding over Crow Craigies and down to Glen Doll. Don’t you just love these Scottish names?

We were glad we didn’t have to use this emergency shelter, which was thoughtfully stocked with a tin of beans, a tin of tuna and two candles.

Our route map


Finally a big thanks you to Andy Duff of appropriately named Chilled Outdoors  for suggesting this route, and to Sally of Lightfoot Expeditions who inspired me with the idea of winter bothy journeys. I feel lucky indeed to be part of this supportive mountain community. And of course Ali, a wonderful trekking parter, always curious, always learning, and providing great motivation.


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