The out takes, and what went wrong

7 September 2016 | 0 comments

This all sounds do smug and wonderful (well, it was) but of course some things did go wrong, and well….

  • I had taken up my expensive waterproof trousers. FAR TOO SHORT.
  • Catherine fell over on the houseboat and cracked a rib. Ouch ouch ouch.
  • The water purifier silted up and stopped working. Well….the water was pretty pure after all.
  • Andi’s Neo air (bed) developed an puncture beyond repair, and yes, the ground was rocky.
  • Some days Tim and I read the plan just a tad too late: 10.00 am ” really worth making an early start today” and 5.00 pm “if you want to cycle the railway tomorrow you need to book in advance”.
  • Dollar/Thrify car rental are rip off merchants, never again, stung twice for ridiculous airport surcharges and fuel charges. aaaggh.
  • Use strong bug spray at all times and everywhere. Say no more.
  • Definitely one person at a time should make decisions about how to string up the tarp.
  • It will usually start to rain just as you mention the word lunch.
  • A tent pole will always snap and sporks always break.
  • One bottle or brandy is a good idea, two bottles result in a musical disaster, even resorded and shared.
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