Summer flowers on a rainy November day

19 November 2015 | 1 comment


Narcissus thimbleweed

Narcissus Thimbleweed

tuftel bell flower

Tufted bell flower

Looking back at these pictures taken above Les Houches last May, I’ve managed to identify most of them.  This  Narcissus Thimbleweed, also known as the narcissus flowered anemone, gave me some bother.  There are so many similar flowers flowering in spring from the ranunculaceae family– the buttercup (has loose flowers and glossy 3 – 5 lobed leaves) pasque flower (single flower, hairy trimerous leaves) wood anemone (6 petals but toothed leaves).  But this one has a distinctive cluster of flowers at the head and clusters of pointy leaves. The name Ranunculus is Late Latin for “little frog,” the diminutive of rana. This probably refers to many species being found near water, like frogs.

The bell flower shape refers to the campanula. Amazingly it only flowers after 8 years.  Most campanulas are blue but this one is different and can have up to 200 of those little bells. mmm.

Walking above Les Houches with Leanne

St Bernard’s lily

This lily is part of the asparagus family, cute little thing and thankfully, like all these flowers, protected.

The snow gentian’s bright blue attracts the pollinators (clever little flowers).

ENDOR - blue gentian

Snow gentian

And finally I’ve added a picture of a flower I cant identify yet! Any suggestions?unidentified as yet

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  1. Jos

    Like the wildflower page Julia, and others! Think your unidentified flower might be a meadow rue. Great meadow-rue (in case your flora has different names, it’s Latin name is Thalictrum aquilegifolium!) flowers May to July in damp woods and meadows upto 2,500m and def in France. What do you think?!


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