South Tweedsmuir Provincial Park

7 September 2016 | 1 comment

IMG_0336Real Wilderness: 4 nights and 5 days with Tim. I have never felt so wonderfully remote in such an unspoilt place. Floatplane in above the extraordinary Hunlan falls and Turner Lake.

From my diary entry: No one here at all. The loo is a stone built throne. Our tent spot has the most divine view over a huge lake, glaciers and a mountain range, which apparently we have all to ourselves (except the possible appearance of the grizzly). Walked up “Rock Hill” via Panorama Lakes view, then down our own way, off the path – not that there was much of a path anyway – to cross the lake at the dividing spit of land. Some bushwhacking and lotsof boulder hopping.Finally found a little path marked by cains along the lake shore. Sunny all day.

Next day walked to Janet Lake the a view over Molly lake, over Rosemary’s pass and down a glacial ridge. A swim in the lake.

Next day, struck camp and walked down to Turner Lake back below the tree line via a very winky windy path. Wonderful camp spot with firepit on the lake shore. Walked to Hunlan falls and watched crazy people break a world record for the longest untethered slackline walk ever. Gulp. Sheer drops everywhere and hooray, not a barrier in sight.

IMG_9354Next day canoe up the 5km of Turner Lake and set up final camp. The canoe up the Turner Lake cahin to Cutthroat lake (ominous) No name lake, Vista lake (very windy) and Junker lake. Tim heroically carries the canoe and we have interesting manoeuvering around canoe rests. The portages are NOT flat. The creeks connecting the lakes are idyllic, if a little tricky to paddle up between the rocks and fallen trees. the fire burned brightly that night, and the float plane turned up the next morning. just as well, with a 7k paddle plus 40k walk just to the trailhead and not a soul about, we would have got very very hungry.  A cloudy and rainy day, it was quite a bumpy ride back on the plane just below the cloud.

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