Ramblers Snowshoe in Bach, Austria

6 February 2018 | 1 comment

2 great weeks, lots of sunshine and smiley people. I’ve combined the weeks for this story of walks and highlights. Many thanks to all for the fabulous pictures, there are so many, I can’t credit them all, so a big thank you and here goes, in no particular order.

The Kobersee Walk

A bus ride which closely resembled a game of sardines, but with a lots more clothes on, wrestling with snowshoes and poles. However I think unanimously we felt it was worth the ride to discover the frozen lakes, the sparkly snow and the joy of making our own tracks. Some great animal tracks too, today: ptarmigan, a bird catching prey, mice, deer and hare. Some sneaky wanders over the hills around the lake to peek into deserted valleys. A very pretty little chapel on the hill.

The torchlit meander

We overcame that rather self conscious feeling of ‘what am I doing wandering around a meadow in the dark?’ to realise that the mountains are really beautiful in the moonlight, and the torches do keep you quite warm. The gluhwine was okay too…

The Gibleralm

Another lovely woodland amble with beautiful valley views. I’m told the best goulashsoup was sampled in week one, but week two had to bypass the hut and had to go further for their lunch!

The Waseralm Walk and the Holzgau suspension bridge.

Pretty Waseralm nestled next to another little frozen lake, enchanting woodland paths, crazy bridge, big snowflakes (wk 2)

The Bernhardseckhutte and Mutte ridge

What a highlight: the skidoo, the (rather smelly) snow bashing machine, the ridge, Dave’s birthday, honey liqueur, fondue and pasta, breathtaking views at 2000m and the highest point of the week. Also Snowy the owl made lots of friends today so I was extra happy.

The Jöchelspitze chairlift and the Sonnealm with Maria.

Maria was altogether taller, willowy and more glamorous than me, and I don’t think I’d quite be able to carry off the make up and trendy skirt! However she gave us a fabulous walk up to the Sommealm, complete with biccies and schnapps, and paced us so gently up the 600m ascent that it was done almost before we noticed. More breathtaking views from the deckchairs. An honourable mention to Barbara in week two for the spectacular fall of the fortnight: head first collecting more snow along the way than she really knew what to do with.

If you’d like to be reminded of the snowshoe talk or other nature stuff, look at my ‘discovering the mountains’ section snowshoes or tracks  or cones. Thank you all for a lovely fortnight, and I wish you all many more happy Snowshoe adventures.




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  1. Margie Swann

    This was an excellent trip with a brilliant leader. It was my fourth Ramblers holiday and Julia was, by far, the most skilled, most helpful, most interesting, most encouraging leader I have come across.
    More leaders like this would see Ramblers soar in popularity and uptake.


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