Juan de Fuca Trail – Vancouver Island

7 September 2016 | 0 comments

IMG_9160Andi and I first heard about this one when we were hiking in Lapland and chanced upon a Canadian – as you do! He told us it was the quieter continuation of the very well know Pacific Coast Trail – that sounded like our kind of walk.

IMG_9145Logistics meant we couldn’t complete this end to end, we drove down to a central point – Sombrio Beach –  and covered what looked to be the most scenic (and difficult) part of the trail, walking up to camp at Chin Beach, then a day hike as far south as Magdalena point.  Our group had changed a bit for this hike, it was farewell to Beth, who had to get back to work, sadly Catherine wasn’t going far with a cracked rib having fallen over on the houseboat a couple of days earlier, and hello to Meg, from America, who used to hike in NZ with the gaiter girls many years ago. Re united is so good!

IMG_9156First challenge was to get down the access road to the beach at ….., dodging the GIANT potholes – congratulations to Judy driving and Andi waving…..Next challenge was to climb OFF the beach. Steep and muddy, the path was a real mess.  We climbed over up and down roots and trunks and puddles and churned up mud, carrying our trusty packs or course. Poor Meg – what an introduction. But it was a beautiful mess – the rainforest was lush and the waterfall pouring directly into the sea was a dream.

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