Ibiza and Formentera

2 November 2015 | 0 comments

7 days rambling around the coast and hills of Ibiza, leading for Ramblers Worldwide Holidays  in October 2015

A delightfully friendly group of 11 for this tour, exploring the rocky coastline, beaches and inland countryside of Ibiza and Formentera. The islands were very quiet this time of year, with many hotels and  restaurants closing up at the end of the season, and the club scene was all done by the end of September.


Cheeky chappie sharing Linda’s picnic

Linda sent me these lovely photos, the lizards had great attitude, scampering under our feet as we walked along the cliff tops.



Ibiza town harbour, setting out by ferry to our evening meal in the next bay

Ibiza - taking a break

Taking a break on one of our longer (17km) walks around Formentera

3 of our six days were spent dodging violent thunderstorms, but we managed a few hours walking each day regardless. My favourite walks were Formentera and the walk along the beaches to Las Salinas, via the salt pools. The great flock of flamingoes,  (apparently this collective noun might be a flamboyance, a stand or a regiment,) that we hoped to see, after all that, didn’t appear, but there were 3 of them there, with pink wings. And some other wading birds: stilts and herons.

View down the spine of Formentera from the Roman pathway

Across the bay from the ramparts of Ibiza Town citadel

Ibiza town was an amazing place. The citadel complete with castle, cathedral and canons, museums and countless old houses, was a historical marvel, perched high on the rocky spur, now in between the sprawl of the modern town around the bays on either side.


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