Flora and Fauna of British Columbia

7 September 2016 | 0 comments

So what did I see? I’ve put the photos I did get into the photo gallery, I’ll leave you to match them up. I’ve noted a few points I learned too.

  • Grizzly bears and black bears 70% of a grizzly’s diet is vegetarian
  • Elk and deer
  • Marmots and Hoary Marmots and Racoon hoary marmots love nibbling walking pole handles – I guess they like the salt!
  • Squirrels, chipmonks, pica
  • Humpback whales, orca, seals a sea lion and dolphins. A humpback water spout is much bigger than that of an Orca, and once you see the tail of a humpback, they will probably stay down fr 15 minutes or so. Orca live in matriarchal pods with distinct vocalisation and will never breed within the same pod.
  • A snake and a toad
  • Rabbits
  • Osprey and bald eagles An osprey will never land on the water, just scoop the fish.
  • Heron, Wood duck, , Canada Goose, Loon, belted kingfisher
  • Dusky grouse, ptarmigan
  • Purple martin, woodpecker, sparrow, american robin, crested flycatcher
  • Pink Salmon, sea anenomes, sea urchins, brown trout sock eye salmon is delicious. Salmon hatcheries have been operating for years to maintain the salmon stocks, whereas salmon farms are causing real problems.

And the flora, well, only a fraction of what I saw, but what I could name and remember, I’ll do some more work on these later.

  • Aster, Arnica
  • Red paintbrush (which also came in pink and purple)
  • Harebell
  • Star of Parnassus
  • Cow parsnip, Ragwort, Lupins
  • Campanula
  • Briar rose
  • Pasque flower
  • Alpine forget me not
  • Arbutis tree, Red cedar
  • Douglas fir and just millions of trees

and finally the fungi – I couldn’t name any of it, but just take a look at the photos:

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