Camino de Santiago

8 October 2015 | 0 comments

September 2015   Leading for Ramblers Worldwide Holidays

We walked the last third of the most well known of the various pilgrim routes,  to Santiago de Compostela, The French Way, and started our walk in Leon.

The Ramblers at the start of the Camino, in Hopital de Obrigo

The Ramblers at the start of the Camino, in Hopital de Obrigo

We were 14 in our merry band of pilgrims, setting out on day one:

Some of us were walking with a religious purpose, some on a spiritual journey, and some just interested in the culture, history and countryside; it was fascinating to see the Camino from those different perspectives. Pat was certainly in touch with the nature and spirit of the route and found faces in the trees (thanks Pat for the lovely pictures)Pat faceand colours in the water:

pat colours

IMG_6970 The symbol of the Camino, this famous clam shell was everywhere, showing us the way, reminding us of the tales of the miracle that brought Saint James’ remains to the coast at Finesterre, and providing the visual symbol showing all the pilgrim routes from all corners of Europe, leading to Santiago.

IMG_6964IMG_6909IMG_6910pointing the way

Our arrival in Santiago was a wonderful high point, even if it was rather chaotic bustling with the other 1500 pilgrims milling around the town. The giant censor swinging and the nun’s clear voice was moving for all of us and captured on video too:  The botefumerio swings at the pilgrim’s mass


September was certainly a good choice for the weather, most days were fine, yet no scorching heat and only a couple of cloudy intervals. These photos give a fell for the cameraderie and spirit in our group.

IMG_6978 IMG_6941


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