Bohemian Rhapsody

28 September 2016 | 0 comments

A glorious 2 week tour with Ramblers called Bohemian Rhapsody: a couple of days in Prague, 8 days hiking the 112km Malerweg finishing off with a couple of days in Dresden. A lovely group of warm hearted people, always happy to strike some ridiculous pose when their slightly crazy leader asked them to.  IMG_9573

The beautiful colours and shapes of the sandstone made it easy to see why this area was so popular with the artists. Each day we walked we collected a postcard of one of the artworks, a stamp in our book for the stage completed and even a badge at the end.

At the end of our trip, I wrote a poem to remember the time we had on these beautiful autumn days (it is only too obvious that I am no Tennyson, but I hope it captures the relaxed and happy mood of the journey)….

The Very Best Blick

In Prague, our fine story’s begun
A photo prize was to be won
To music we listened
The green penguins glistened
And snowy could not miss the fun

IMG_9469Reflections and colours, tick, tick
John found his enormous brown stick
The Elbe in it’s glory
The floods, quite a story
Climbing hundreds of stairs to our Blick?

Augustus The Strong was our man
Breaking horseshoes to show that he can
His magnificent pose
Was marred by his nose
Surely not part of the plan

The ferry man snarled – just a hick
The waitress who growled made us sick
We weren’t to be daunted
Our cameras we flaunted
We’ll walk a long way for our Blick.

We were fearless and strong on the Weg
The stairway to heaven ahead
We squished through the stone
Not a wince or a moan
We’ll find a good picture we said

Eight postcards and stamps were collected
In water the colours reflected
The cars on the train
The two days of rain
Yet another fine Blick was detected

Now whose was that fine winning pic
The Maleweg sure did the trick
Those ramblers bare
Did Adrian stare?
Would Sandra remind him to click?

InIMG_9455 Dresden we now say farewell
Gordon, Julie, our Aussies were swell
Chris, Simon and John,
Mary, Lesley, so long
What stories we’ll all have to tell



Here it is: Simon’s winning picture as voted by us all, a worthy winner

Sunbeams in the forest

Sunbeams in the forest

And a few more lovely pictures from Simon:

Some great extra photos from Adrian, John and Lesley:


the official site with lots more information on the Malerweg 

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